The 7 Best Movies to inspire your upcoming travel destinations

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1. Under The Tuscan Sun is a romantic story set in rural Tuscany. Lush landscapes, scrumptious looking food, gorgeous Italian people and places…the perfect flick to watch if you want something easy on the heart and eyes.

2. Out Of Africa is an oldie but goody. This movie was filmed in Kenya and the UK, and became an instant classic, nabbing 7 Oscars. It will get you hungry for a safari or wildlife adventure.

3. Amelie is almost synonymous with Paris, and for good reason. The iconic cinematography, the accordion-heavy soundtrack, it’s a gorgeous example of authentic French cinema.

4. Lost In Translation is a must for anyone who has traveled or wants to travel–it’s a film about the little random experiences that stay with you long after you return home, and it’s also a poetic homage to Tokyo. If this doesn’t give you a hankering for Japan, nothing will.

5. Lion is good for a good cry and a virtual trip to India. Moving, heartstopping, and a visual feast, this film, based on a gripping true story about homelessness and adoption in Kolkata, gives you a taste of India and will leave you wanting more.

6. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty is on every single “Best Travel Movies” List, without fail. The film shows how taking bold risks and leaving your comfort zone can lead to the greatest things in life–plus, if Iceland is of interest, you’ll be booking your ticket before the film finishes.

7. Vicky, Cristina Barcelona may deceive you into thinking everyone in Spain looks like Penelope Cruz and Javier Barden…and after a few glasses of Sangria, they all will! We jest–but the passion and emotions that ooze out of this film are distinctly Spanish and totally charming. Plus, the scenery is pure eye candie.

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